Soul Session

Soul Guidance Session With Sahar 

Today, many people are living in some degree of fear and uncertainty. That is why NOW is the critical time to ALTER our old way of doing to a new way of Being by serving and healing humanity collectively. It is time to release old patterns, step into a new you, and manifest the changes you desire.

Through the process of gifting Soul Guiding Sessions to over 100 souls in the past three months, Sahar has seen, witnessed, and received life altering information. They were clear and precise answers to current challenges that leaders and lightworkers are facing in today’s world.

Sahar’s signature body scan reveals important images, messages, information and guidance from your higher self and beyond. In the sessions, you’ll have the opportunity to ask your questions and be offered healing and relief formulas, according to your need(s). These formulas are practical tools and rituals to support you with challenges that might come up during the Soul Guidance Session.

Most people have expressed a sense of ease, joy, healing, good energy, and mostly clarity about new ways in which they need to show up in the world right now. It has been a powerful process and a blessing for everyone that has been gifted these sessions. 

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Soul Guidance Sessions Testimonials

“Dear Sahar, I wanted to thank you for gifting me a Soul Guidance Session. I have noticed that my pain seems to be improving each day. Today has been nearly pain free. What a treat to have a good pain day! It’s been over 20 years I haven’t felt this good. So thank you!  Also, I still plan on smudging and clear my home” ~ Tara M. CA

“You came to my life at the perfect time.

My Soul Guidance Session was very empowering. Right after our session, a friend told me about a new place with a private pool, an amazing price and a the perfect arrangement. Thank you Sahar for your encouragement. I have a new home. A landlord that I am so grateful for and I’m feeling so blessed.” ~ Carol B. AZ

“Your Soul Guidance Session was very helpful for me on my journey right in the middle of my move across the country. 

The imagery did not make sense at first, then it became clear just how spot on you were. Your insight safeguarded me in a situation that played out the very evening after we spoke. I have often heard your voice in my head… “trust… receive.” What a gift. Thank you for your clarity, insight and generosity.” ~Marla D. WA

 “Your vibration and support have shined a light on my life’s purpose! I have seen the mastery of your soul through my conversation and intuitive guidance session with you. Your frequency is what makes you a powerful leader and mentor. It helped me to know what I am capable of doing at a higher level with other people. I was setting my sights too low! Now I’m seeing things CLEARLY! I look forward to our continued work with you!”

 ~ Jeannine C

Zurich, Switzerland