About Sahar Nafal

About Sahar Nafal

FOUNDER OF THE SOULFUL LEADER COMMUNITY & SOUL GUIDANCE COACH   Sahar Nafal, is an expert transformational leader, soul guidance coach and speaker for conscious women leaders and entrepreneurs who are ready to serve humanity with all of their wisdom and teachings.

Her passion and calling is to support leaders who are ready to authentically serve humanity. Sahar has a unique soul guiding approach of guiding women to heal through whatever challenges they are facing at this time.  

Drawing from a well of wisdom gained through education, adversity and experience, Sahar believes in order to serve humanity, we as women need to Alter our old way of doing into a new way of Being.

Her signature Soulful Leadership Archetype programs have supported many into channeling their energy and embodying the essence of who they really are. Her event, teachings and coaching, hold space for healing and expansion for everyone who attends.

Soulful Leadership Testimonials

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