Intuitive Guidance Session

It’s time to embark on the journey of experiencing 

the power to break free and finally know that you have the wisdom

And the calling to re-write your life’s journey.


Are you ready to…

Get clarity about the feeling you have about yet another level of wisdom ready to emerge within you 

Identify the areas in your life where you are holding yourself back to creating more 

Get your finite energy moving in the right direction to change your long-standing habits and patterns. 

Generate an inner confidence that radiates outward into the world through the way you communicate and carry yourself.

If you are, it is time to start doing something about it!  

The world is at a turning point, and  there is a profound and meaningful role for you to play in shaping our humanity—Are you ready? 

This is for you if 

It’s time to lay the foundation for stepping into your power, instead of being afraid of it. 

  • Get to know your biggest issue(s) or challenge(s)

  • Identify your divine gifts

  • Recognize how you thrive in the world

  • Gain valuable insight regarding the emotional patterns in your life which prevent you from living consistently with an open heart

  • Master how to transform your personal and business relationships.

  • Receive personalized guidance formula from spirit

  • Have the opportunity to connect with your loved ones


  • You will start by completing “Your Soulful Intentions” evaluation questionnaire in order for Sahar to learn more about what your intentions are for each session.    

  • Followed up by a guided assignment to support you in the outcome of your intentions.  

  • Each assignment has a teaching section and hands-on exercises.

  • You can ask questions to gain clarity after each session. 

Sessions options 

  • Option # 1 – Three 45 minute Intuitive Guided Sessions  $497

  • Option #2 – Six 45 minute Intuitive Guided sessions $897

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I believe in this work. I believe in the power of soulful leaders to reclaim, deepen, and elevate themselves as they …..
Meet Your Intuitive Guide Sahar Nafal 

Sahar Nafal is the Founder of The Soulful Leader Community and a Soulful Intuitive guide

Her life’s work is her calling.  Her unique style of creating transformation for thousands of people reflects in the way she experiences life.  She draws from her education, experience, adversities, self-exploration, heritage, and authentic passion to serve humanity. 

Sahar will show you how to be guided in everything you do, call in your desires with clarity, know your value, create more love for yourself and in your relationships and identify your limiting beliefs to gain peace.


After leading, coaching and serving thousands of people, Sahar has gained a unique style of intuitive guidance and insight into how to support leaders to show up in the fullest of their greatness. 

During her intuitive guidance sessions, Sahar will take you on a journey of deep adventure into self-discovery,  clarity about your calling, and yourgift and support you gain energy into a higher vibration that will uplifts your  spirit and your soul.

Sahar has been on many stages shared with many world leaders and has many accomplishments that she’s been awarded for. Yet her biggest accomplishments and awards is when she sees people transform and awaken to the essence of who they are during her intuitive guidance sessions…that is what Sahar believes she is here to do. 

All we can say is… this is a very unique opportunity to access Sahar to work with you privately.

What her clients are saying about their experience after the session

Sahar’s excellent insights are still reverberating through me as excited as I ground the potentials and direction she shared with me during our intuitive reading last week. She has a great gift to guide and support those who have questions about their life…career…relationships and next steps.  It is like talking to an archangel to get clear loving answers as some things we just can’t see about ourselves sometimes.    Her Pictures and guidance were pure and true, the big picture and the colorful details,  with integrity and kindness. If you can arrange a reading with this vibrant expanding Community Leader I say get the date on your calendar soon, you will be glad you did.  Jan Jorgensen RN, MA Visionary Educator 

~ Jan Jorgensen 

Founder of Sound and Light Healing Arts 

Having been informed that I could reopen my business here in CA, understandably, I began to experience some anxiety about the process. I had a session with Sahar, and not only did she offer a few tools for working with my energy, but she also confirmed a few things that I had been mulling over and had not put into action yet. Her guidance was the catalyst for putting into action the steps I needed to face reopening with joy, strength, and calm. After the session she also sent me a welcomed recap and I feel much more centered to move forward now! Thank you Sahar

Séan Levahn


“I feel so light” 

I am so thankful for Sahar. I went in with chest tightness that

I didn’t even realize. She helped me tap into my inner child and realize why it was so hard for me to make certain decisions. She is amazing at guiding and gave me immensely helpful exercises to help me going forward. Felt like a weight taken off my chest. I feel like I am viewing things with new and clear eyes. Thank you! 

~Laila Saadeh

Health and Fitness Expert 

“Your vibration and support have shined a light on my life’s purpose! I have seen the mastery of your soul through my conversation and intuitive guidance session with you. Your frequency is what makes you a powerful leader and mentor. It helped me to know what I am capable of doing at a higher level with other people. I was setting my sights too low! Now I’m seeing things CLEARLY! I look forward to our continued work with you!

 ~ Jeannine courvoisier

Co Creative Leadership Community

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Once you purchase, an email with Sahar’s calendar link will be sent to you 

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