Soulful Community Leader with Sahar Nafal

Soulful Community Leader FB Group is birthed from a place of passion to support Community Leaders who are committed to creating change through Soulful Leadership. Soulful Community Leader group will support you expand meaningful connections, share wisdom and provide more support for a balanced, joyful, healthy and conscious soulful life.

Who is the Soulful Community Leader? Someone who is ready to fully claim their Bright Light Someone who is open to grow and evolve into the essence of who she is as a Soulful being Someone who is open to go beyond what they have been told or conditioned to believe who they really are Someone who honors them self and respects others’ cultural diversity, ethnicity, beliefs or sexual orientation because they know that we all belong here in our universe.

The Soulful Community Leader is a loving person, a peaceful person, a person who seeks growth for them self, others and the world. Let’s keep this group for shared insights, breakthroughs, heartfelt connections you made and inspiring stories of transformation. I will be sharing stories, insight and experiences to support you as a Soulful Community Leader. Soulful Community Leader workshops and training will be posted in this group as well.

As for promoting your businesses, products and services, this is by approval only. Also, please join our Soulful Leader Circle Group (this is a closed Facebook Group) for inspiration and deep connections.

We also meet monthly in Vernon Hills, Illinois. At our Soulful Leader Circles, we explore different topics that are relevant to a women’s journey on earth.  To join us, please go to